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Tequila Club at Tico Boston

We love Tequila.

There, we said it. We used the "L" word and we're not regretting it, not even for a moment. Join us in our passion for this special elixir of life.

In fact, why not join the club? Drink 88 tequilas in any given 8 month period and you have special privileges and gifts coming your way. Other than your friends thinking you're super cool and being a little jealous of your new-found status, some of the many perks of being a tequila lover and member of the Tico Tequila Club are:
• Exclusive Tastings and Seminars
• Etched Tequila glass with your name on it
• Tasting Dinner for 4 at Tico (extra tequila not included...)
• Special Tico Tequila Club Shirt
• Special Tico Tequila Club Hat

For a complete list of our tequilas, please visit our menu page.